How to plan your newborn photo session: A guide for parents


August 16, 2020


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How to plan your newborn photo session: a guide for parents


Are you expecting a new baby or have just had a baby? Keen to have professional photos taken of your precious bundle but not sure where to even start? I am here to help you with this simple guide to plan for your newborn photography.

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Without too much ado, let’s get to the nitty gritty….




Research and choose an awesome newborn photographer

There is a huge variety of skill levels, styles and experiences offered amongst newborn photographers. Literally anyone can call themselves a newborn photographer. Therefore, you need to do your research. Google newborn photographers in your city and compare their portfolios. Your first question should be – do you love the style of their work?

Check out their testimonials or google reviews. Ask about pricing. Don’t base your decision wholly on price – it is better to use your favourite newborn photographer and purchase fewer photos than choose a cheap photographer with low skill level who won’t provide you with images that you love. You only get one chance with newborn photos!




Consider the style of newborn photography you prefer

Newborn photographers generally fall into one of 2 styles: traditional posed or lifestyle. Consider which style you prefer and find a photographer experienced in that style whose work you love.

For more information about what lifestyle newborn photography is and how it differs from posed newborn photography please check out this post.




Agree the location of your session with your photographer

Depending on your photographer, your session may be held in their studio or in your own home. Think about which location would be your preference. Would you prefer the blank canvas backdrop of a studio session? Or would you prefer the personal elements of a session held in your own home.

A session at home means you don’t have to go out with your new baby but can stay at home. If you have pets, they may be included. It is also easier with siblings as they won’t need to sit quietly in a studio but can stick to their usual home routine with a few interludes for photos.

A studio session means you will have to be organised to get out the house and be able to stay with the photographer for up to 3 hours.



 mother and baby photo by Auckland natural newborn lifestyle photographer Sarah Clayton

Schedule the date of your newborn photo session

If you are booking the newborn session before baby has arrived, your photographer will probably ask for your due date and schedule your session around 7-14 days after that. Then if baby happens to arrive early or late the date will be moved to accomodate that. It’s always best to get your booking in before baby arrives if you can as some photographers limit the number of sessions they take and can book up well in advance.

If your baby has already arrived, get in contact with your chosen photographer right away to schedule a date.




Think about what your main priority shots are for your session? Do you have any must-have shots?

Different families have different priorities for their newborn photo session. Unless you have booked a shorter “baby only” newborn session, most newborn photographers will aim to get a variety of images during a session including baby alone, baby with siblings, baby with mum, baby with dad, whole family. However, it is great to think about what your main priority shots are and let your photographer know.

While I think of it, the trickiest shots to get during a newborn session usually involve young siblings in the 1-4 year age-group – if a 2 year old decides they will not have a photo with new baby it can be very difficult to talk them around!



Thanks for being here – I really hope this guide to planning for your newborn photos helps you avoid the overwhelm of where to start when thinking about booking a newborn photo shoot.

If you are looking for an awesome Auckland newborn photographer, please get in touch. I would love to help with your Auckland newborn photography needs. You only get one chance with newborn photography!



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