Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas


May 7, 2020


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Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas


Have you left it to the last minute to think about planning something special for your mother for Mother’s Day? I’m here for you.

First things first

I think the most special thing you can do for any mum (or grandma) is to spend quality time with her or to give her something you have put lots of thought and care into. It needn’t cost a lot of money – the most memorable gifts are the gift of your time in creating something or spending a lovely day with her.


Cook something delicious and sit down for a special meal

Is mum always the one who cooks the meals in your house? Then, I bet she would love to be treated to a home cooked meal prepared by you. Choose something simple but delicious, set the table as if you are expecting the most important guest in the world (you are!). Brunch or lunch or dinner – the options are endless. Make a fuss and let mum know how special she is to you.


Make her a card

A handmade card with your own art or a photo printed on the front, with a thoughtful message inside. No one-liners please – write something about how special she is to you, a happy memory you have of her and why you are thankful for her.


Family day trip

Plan a fun family day trip – take mum for a family trip somewhere she will enjoy. My favourite ideas include going to the beach or to a farmers market and having lunch along the way (picnic or at a cafe).


Handmade gift voucher

Think about something you could do to help your mum and put it in a gift voucher. Ideas include folding the washing, making her favourite cake, cooking dinner for the family, tidying the bookshelves, weeding the garden. Give her the voucher and make sure you follow through with whatever you promised to do!


Lovely new book

Buy her a book about something she is interested in. Is she into interior design, gardening, cooking, mountain biking, travel, photography, art? The options are endless.


Talent show

Put on a concert or talent show at home – practice your performance so you wow mum with your skills. Singing, dancing, instrumental, comedy and magic shows are a few options.


Paint or draw something

You don’t have to be an amazing artist to be able to create something your mum will be proud to display. Think about the colour palette in your home and your mum’s favourite colours and create something only using those colours. It doesn’t have to be a literal representation of something – abstract art is very forgiving if you stick to a thoughtful colour palette. My favourite mediums are watercolours (using lots of water for a sheer effect) with pencil.


Gift her a family photo or video session with her favourite photographer

As a photographer, I am obviously biased, but I think the gift of photos or videos of mum with her children or grandchildren is priceless. They are often reluctant to be in photos or videos, but it is so important that mums are in photos and videos with their children. Make sure you book with a photographer your mum loves as every photographer has a different style. Mums often avoid being in photos because they feel self-conscious so choose a photographer who knows how to use flattering lighting and posing so that mum will look and feel her best and love her photos or video.


Make a slideshow set to music or a printed photo album of photos of your mum with her family

This is my favourite gift for mum but I must warn that it is quite time consuming. I create albums and slideshows all the time for my family and clients, so I have it down to an art – even then it still takes a fair few hours. But, it is soooooo worth it. Guaranteed to have your mum (and you!) shed some happy tears.


Give her something pretty from the garden

If you don’t have time or the $$ to buy her flowers, then go to the garden and cut a few flowers or even some greenery, wrap in pretty paper with a ribbon or pop in a vase. Simple is best and mum will always appreciate you thinking of her!


Gift voucher from her favourite beauty spa, or massage clinic

Mums love pampering. I will always be chuffed to receive a voucher from one of my favourite beauty salons or spas (Spring Spa or About Face). I think I speak for all mums when I say – thank you for the gift of pampering!


Voucher for a meal at her favourite local restaurant or tickets to a show

Buy her a voucher for a meal at her favourite local restaurant – this not only means your mum will have a lovely treat but you will also support your local restaurant. Alternatively, tickets to a show is always a lovely gift.

Thanks so much for being here – I really hope these ideas help and inspire you to make your mum’s day extra special on mother’s day.

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I'm Sarah and I'm an Auckland brand photographer. My mission is to help service providers and small businesses market their businesses through inspiring website and social media imagery.

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