7 types of photos your business needs


March 18, 2021


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Hello! I'm an Auckland brand photographer. My mission is to help service providers and small businesses market their businesses through inspiring website and social media imagery.

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3 essential image types for product-based businesses

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types of photos your business needs

7 Types of Photos your Business Needs

Your business needs high quality, inspiring images to compete in the modern marketplace.

This is critically important for small businesses in order to stand out.

Prospective clients are searching for businesses like yours online. They will judge your value and whether they want to work with you from the imagery they see on your website and social media.

A website with high-quality inspiring photos that convey your value and show what it is like to work with you will be the best salesperson you could ever ask for.

Here are 7 types of images that help businesses stand out online. They may not all apply to your business – depending on whether your business is a service-based business, face-to-face business or a product-based business.

1. Premises and where you work

Show your prospective clients where you work. This is particularly important if your clients visit you at your premises (e.g. shops, face-to-face service providers such as hairdressers, beauty therapists, real estate agents, fitness studios).

Images can include inside and outside, signage, stylish decor details etc.

brand photo of psychologist in office in Auckland

2. Your work process/creative process/behind the scenes

Show your clients how you do what it is that you do for them. They don’t know all the things you do to add value for them if you don’t show them! So share images that convey all the behind the scenes things you do e.g. researching, planning, preparation, shopping for supplies, continuing education etc.

If you are a creative business it is particularly vital to show your creative process so that clients see all the behind the scenes work that goes into creating the finished product/service you provide.

3. Working with a client – show what it’s like to work with you or use your services – sell the experience!

Show yourself working with a client. This will enable prospective clients to imagine what it would be like to work with you. These images should show how great it is to work with you.

4. A glimpse into who you are as a person, your day to day life and what inspires you

In these days of social media marketing, it is so much easier to make a personal connection with clients.

Images that give a glimpse into who you are as a person, your life outside of work and what inspires you can be great connection points with your prospective clients.

Things like pets, lifestyle, interesting hobbies and things that inspire you are all things that most people can relate to and are great topics for social media posts.

5. Headshots/profile shots (and team shots if applicable)

Every service provider needs a few high quality “smiling at the camera” type headshots. These will be used on social media profile photos (Linked-In, facebook, instagram).

Show your clients who you are at your best with a beautifully lit flattering friendly-faced headshot.

These days (unless you are a corporate type service provider) a relaxed “lifestyle” headshot gives a more approachable vibe (rather than the old-school crossed arm suit-wearing headshot!).

If your business is a team – then you need a few team shots too with you all together looking friendly and united.

6. Images of your end product

Show inspiring high quality images of your product/s. Images can be classic product images (on simple background) or styled images (e.g. flat lay or product in a styled scene).

7. Images of your products in use

Show aspirational images of your products in use. These images should convey how your products will be enjoyed and how they will enhance your client’s life.

Customer-supplied images are great for generating social proof and increasing your reach online. However, the downside of this type of image is that they are inconsistent in image quality and editing style. They are not suitable for creating a high end aesthetic on your website.

Cheap imagery makes your products look cheap. Instead, you need gorgeous, inspirational imagery created by the same photographer to give a consistent high quality look.

beautiful photo of candle with crystals by Auckland business photographer Sarah Clayton

There you have it – 7 types of photos to help your business stand out online! Does your brand or business need some amazing photos to allow it to shine bright online? I’d love to chat with you about how I can help – please get in touch!

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I'm Sarah and I'm an Auckland brand photographer. My mission is to help service providers and small businesses market their businesses through inspiring website and social media imagery.

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3 image types your product based business needs



3 image types your product based business needs

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